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Kalina Gold presents new collection Beautiful life

JULY 18th, 2017

Enjoying beautiful garments, elegance and precious romance are the fundamentals of the jewelry from this collection. It was designed so as to add to any other ornaments of your looks. "The core image of the collection is a talented and exquisite lady who walks on a beautiful city street having the time of her life" - says designer Evgeniya Dyagileva. 

Kalina Gold presents new collection Flowers.

APRIL 24th, 2017

The designers have created delicate and romantic collection "Flowers" incarnating all the harmony and beauty of nature in it. Jewelry in the collection are connected by a common floral theme, where flowers mean femininity, liberty and creation while petals simbolize the inviolable connection between the lovers. The jewelry is notable for its sophistication and elegance. There are two lines of jewelry encrusted with white and colored gems spreaded like dew on petals of precious "flowers". Ordinary jewelry suit daily life while luxurious ones will add to your evening look on a date perfectly.

Lady Grace & Kalina Gold combined photoset. 

APRIL 20TH, 2017

Famous Moscow sewing salon "Lady Grace" launched a new line of female dresses. In light of it they presented a photoset together with fashion jewelry brand Kalina Gold. The style of the photoset is quite interesting - sexy dresses of complicated cut, bright colors and uncommon features. Brand jewelry complete those images perfectly.

Evgeniya Dyagileva is a show host of "Perezagruzka" on TNT.


Since the beginning of December, 2016 Evgeniya Dyagileva is a co-VJ of the popular makeover-show "Perezagruzka" on TNT. She participates in the creation of unique image of a girl by selecting jewelry for her according to her looks, style and character. 

Kalina Gold presents new collection Starstm.


In the center of attention are simple forms and unusual materials of the new jewelry collection Stars tm from Kalina Gold. Modern design features within strict geometry forms make the base of a female image. "Small simple jewelry bear temper, beauty, grace and attract a lot of attention. Such jewelry often become the most favourite without which a lady won't go out" - says the owner of the company and jewelry fashion expert Evgeniya Dyagileva.  

Shootings in jewelry salon Kalina Gold.

AUGUST 16th, 2016

In flagman jewelry salon Kalina Gold there have taken place shootings about news
jewelry fashion for the Friday TV channel. It is possible to look at them in the teleproject
"Friday! news" in Instagram  @kalina_gold

Lera Romantika, the Russian singer -
the new star client of Kalina Gold.


Russian singer, participant of the project 5sta Family Lera Romantika
I have visited flagman jewelry salon Kalina Gold
in Shopping Center Okhotny ryad I have also chosen for myself tremendous earrings from red gold.
Lera Romantika has chosen earrings from red gold
from a collection Lady Kalina of 2016 from Kalina Gold.

Evgenia Dyagileva and Alexander Rogov
have met after shootings.


Fashion - the jewelry designer Evgenia Dyagileva and the stylist
Alexander Rogov met after shootings of the telecast "Be in Time in 24 Hours",
to discuss a new series. Evgenia Dyagileva will give super-fashionable again and
useful tips how to wear a jewelry.

Olga Svetlogradskaya and Lera Romantika have visited
flagman jewelry salon Kalina Gold.

SUMMER 2016 г.

The stylist and the TV host Olga Svetlogradskaya with Leroy Romantikoy
choose jewelry in jewelry salon Kalina Gold.
Kalina Gold jewelry – a new formula of beauty and success.

The popular singer Prokhor Shalyapin has got a ring from Kalina Gold for the mother.

JULY 15th,  2016

The happy owner of gold ornament with diamonds
from Kalina Gold there was Prokhor Shalyapin's mother – Elena Ivanovna.
For the dearest woman Prokhor has chosen a fine ring
from red gold, inlaid with diamonds,
worth 100 thousand rubles.

Awards to winners
beauty contest from Kalina Gold.

JUNE 7th,  2016

Award with jewelry from Kalina Gold winners most
prestigious beauty contests.
In the beauty contest final "Queen of the capital of 2016" of a competition
king of a glamour Sergey Zverev presented to the winner of a competition
smart earrings from Kalina Gold.

Victoria Romanets, a star of the DOM-2 teleproject -
new star client of Kalina Gold.

MAY 17th 2016

The star of the DOM-2 teleproject Victoria Romanets has visited flagman
have also chosen jewelry salon Kalina Gold in Shopping Center Okhotny ryad for myself
tremendous earrings from white gold.

Victoria Romanets has chosen earrings from white gold
from a collection Artkhaus 2016 from Kalina Gold.

Kalina Gold represents a new collection

APRIL 25th 2016

Each collection of refined jewelry the Firebird - a new formula
beauty and success. Beautiful cocktail dress, evening dress, distinguished
the romantic image will play special paints, added with fashionable
ornament in the form of bird's feathers.


Popular singer Prokhor Shalyapin
have visited flagman salon Kalina Gold.

APRIL 20th 2016

For the loved Anna Kalashnikova Prokhor chose a smart ring
from white gold inlaid with diamonds.
For this ring fashion designer and owner of the company Evgenia Dyagileva
I used the unique design decision. Under central
diamond located a ruby which creates effect of a flame,
burning in diamond.

Kalina Gold - partner of display DIMANEU,
participant of Mercedes-Bens Fashion Week Russia.

APRIL 3th 2016.

The Kalina Gold company provided magnificent exclusive
jewelry from the Streamline city collection on a fashion week of Mercedes-Bens
Fashion Week Russia. Especially for the presentation of this collection the company
I cooperated with Dimaneu and I was his partner on display.

The Kalina Gold represents a new collection
Lady of Kalina™

MARCH 10th 2016.

The owner of the company a fashion - the jewelry designer Evgenia Dyagileva
will provide in corporate salon in Moscow new jewelry from a collection
The lady of Kalina™ from Kalina Gold.


The Kalina Gold represents a new collection


Kalina Gold has presented to attention of clients one of the most romantic and
womanly collections of a brand. Each model is filled by light
power and special romantic crape. Image of the girl in jewelry
Grunge - romanticism, freshness, aristocratic refinement.


The Kalina Gold represents new
trend collection Accent.


In the new Accent collection designers managed the Kalina Gold harmoniously
to synthesize restraint, refinement and courage in a whole
present. Magnificent design, faultless workmanship and
the best jewelry materials distinguish a jewelry Kalina Gold.


The KalinaGold represents a new collection


By a new season spring-summer 2016 jewelers of a brand created trend
the jewelry designed to become youth symbols. These are urgent
jewelry from the latest collection Artkhaus in which are traced
the latest fashionable tendencies and advanced jewelry technologies.
Earrings with mobile elements of a unique design from a collection
Art house - must have of the coming season.


TV host Alice Seleznyova
in Kalin Gold.


The popular TV host Alice Seleznyova - one of star
clients the Guelder-rose of Gold has bought fine jewelry in
flagman jewelry salon in Shopping Center Okhotny ryad.

Alice Seleznyova in the kaffakh from red gold
from Kalina Gold.

Kalina Gold please beautiful decorations
singer Cornelia Mango.


The telestar and the singer Cornelia Mungo has visited flagman
the jewelry Gold Guelder-rose salon in Shopping Center Okhotny ryad and have also chosen gifts
for and the relatives.

Cornelia Mungo in earrings from a collection Wings
Love of 2016 from Kalina Gold 

Kalina Gold is a partner
beauty and talent contest
"Miss First MGMU 2015".


Continuing the tradition of supporting art and creativity made Kalina Gold
partner of the beauty contest. As part of this collaboration was the Kalina Gold
partner of the beauty contest and talents
"Miss First MGMU 2015". Finalists of the competition shine in jewelery and brand
get precious gifts.

Famous DJ Memfisa chooses
Kalina Gold.


Famous DJ Memfisa - special guest jewelry salon
Kalina Gold in the shopping center Okhotny Ryad. Her choice - elegant earrings Kaffa
from the collection of Wings of Love.

Memphis earrings from the collection of Wings
Love 2016 by Kalina Gold.

Stars appreciated collection
Wings of Love by Kalina Gold.


The famous image maker stylist OlgaSvetlogradskaya visited 
flagship jeweler Kalina Gold in the shopping center Okhotny Ryad and
I chose a trendy decoration for themselves.

Olga Svetlogradskye earrings from the collection
Wings of Love 2016 by Kalina Gold.

The KalinaGold represents a new collection
Wings of Love.

December, 25th 2015

The presentation of the new collection in the flagship Wings of Love
Gold jewelry salon Kalina in Okhotny Ryad, Moscow. Guests can appreciate
the true and delicate and elegant earrings Kaffa in the form of wings,
It has become a modern classic.


Branded jewelry shop Kalina Gold is opened in Moscow.

December, 25th 2015

The first in company's history branded jewelry shop Kalina Gold is opened 
in one of the oldest and well-known shopping centers of Moscow "Okhotny Ryad" in December 2015.
The fundamental principles of shop interrior design are light and free space.
Everything glows white emphasizing the exquisiteness of adornments.
Broad accent is put on the sketches of new jewelry collections.
Shop's opening coincides in date with appearance in stock of a new jewelry collection "Wings of Love".


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