About Kalina Gold
About Kalina Gold


Jewelry company Kalina Gold is founded by russian designer Evgeniya Dyagileva.
For today the company combines several labels and collections of jewelry for women and children.


Jewelry company originates from the beginning of 2010.
Working in jewelry sphere Evgeniya Dyagileva achives high professional goals.
As her friends and colleagues notice her devotion to jeweller's art and her skill to lead,
they recommend her to establish a jewelry company of her own.
She starts to gather a team of young talented designers and most devoted colleagues united by the common aim. Meanwhile experienced specialists join in as well.

Jewellers team led by Evgeniya Dyagileva open a small jewelry factory in Kostroma. From then on it's been all about observing how Evgeniya Dyagileva's company improves in jewelry business and how a small plant turns into a new successful jewelry brand.



  At first the new company focuses on production and selling small lots of jewelry to famous russian brands.
Unusual and unexpensive jewelry brings in quite a good income, demand grows, so does the number of customers.
First collections are presented on jewelry exhibition in Moscow.
A few years on Evgeniya Dyagileva's company gains recognition by participating in jewelry exhibitions all over Russia.

In 2014 Kalina Gold, which actually has a different name at that time, begins to expand.
As a creative person Evgeniya Dyagileva is not satisfied with supplying leading russian brands
and considers creating jewelry collections of her own.
She manages to create new laconic forms for jewelry products and her technical grounding
helps to attain efficient constructional solutions.


Here comes an idea of creating a retail trade network with a brand of its own. Thus Kalina Gold brand is born and values,
instilled in Evgeniya since childhood, influence the choice of brand name.
The company owes its beautiful name to kalina - symbol-berry of a russian soul.



Kalina Gold makes its presence felt in the world of jewelry design in the beginning of 2016. 
First collections under the brand Kalina Gold : Wings of Love, Arthouse, Grunge, Accent and Perfection
make great success. A collection entitled Lady Kalina is released next.

A collection of children's jewelry under separate label Kalinka is put on the market in 2016.
Amazing jewelry products of gold in the form of amusing toons and quaint beasts are created for little 
cheerful princesses. Specially for young ladies Kalinka offers jewelry
which makes a good start for their collection.


In January 2016 we launch an official page Kalina Gold in Instagram.
Fans of the brand unite more and more, people charmed by Kalina Gold are growing in numbers.


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