Style Kalina Gold
About Kalina Gold


Style Kalina Gold was formed on the contrast: on the love of the era
Russian nobility and the art deco style. Each piece - it
refinement and aristocratic perfection of lines. it
way to the modern woman to express themselves.


    Collections of jewelry company Kalina Gold unique, imaginative, full of energy and emotion.
Luxury, but strict, perfectly sound line of jewelry masterpieces are made at the junction
styles and cultures. Kalina Jewellery Gold - is unobtrusive luxury, modesty, generosity
precious metals and stunning beauty.




Kalina Jewellery Gold - it's constant experimentation with forms. The shape of each product
It is unique and carries thousands of prints cultures fused together and reinterpreted by designers
Kalina Gold. Many decorations are designed makes them repeat every curve of the body.
They respond to every movement, moving with their owners in the same rhythm.
This special harmonious relationship.

Decorations can be severe and have ostromodnye or classical form, but they are
symbols of the eternal and immutable human values.



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